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Registry Trash Keys Finder

RTKF puts powerful registry cleaning tools into your hands. It quickly finds unwanted registry
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11 July 2012

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This is a tool that helps clean registry keys that are not useful anymore.

RTKF is a cleaning tool that helps keep the registry clean. When registry gets full of such useless pointers, the machine tends to slow down. The Windows machine takes more and more time on an average to place/find a pointer. The tool is able to find orphan pointers quite easily. It will then help you safely delete these "orphan" entries and other "rubbish" left behind by "trial" versions of software and others. Most "uninstall" programs do not clean up properly after a software is uninstalled. It is a well known fact that the registry needs to be cleaned up periodically or the machine slows down. This utility is able to switch between 32-bit and 64-bit modes on the fly; there is no need to restart the program.

Removal of the registry keys can lead to the benefit that the trial versions of software may be revived. The publishers state that this tool does not manipulate anything in your system and thus is not harmful to it. Only way to confirm that is to run through the trial. The full version offers some additional searches not implemented in the trial version. The interface is quite intuitive and just about anybody should be able to get productive with it in short time. Keys found are listed serially and you can decide to selectively delete them or to keep them. The controls are simple too. This is a good product and has many useful features. If you have a need, here is a good candidate for trying out.

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RTKF puts a powerful registry cleaning tool into your hands. It quickly finds unwanted registry data. You can safely delete "orphaned" entries and other "rubbish" left behind by "trial" and other software. Most "uninstall" programs DO NOT really clean up after their parent programs. With RTKF you can streamline the registry and perhaps even improve Windows' speed and reliability. Registry "debris" from improper uninstallation routines is a major problem in Windows. RTKF helps users address this issue by giving them software that finally lets them take control of those sometimes "hidden" registry entries used by trial period software. Unfortunately this software has an annoying habit of leaving behind data which adds to the size of the registry. Install and then remove a few of these programs and you'll find your system getting slower and perhaps even crashing more. Removing these useless entries reduces Windows' memory needs and has other benefits as well.
Registry Trash Keys Finder
Registry Trash Keys Finder
Version 3.9.1
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